About us

Invictus is a place for the modern men to take care of themselves. Come, relax and enjoy our atmosphere. Relieve your stress and problems as you drink great beer, shoot pool with friends and even play video games.

We offer a one of a kind experience that you have to see for yourself. Whether it’s our friendly staff, our fresh coffee, the clean and modern environment, or the ability to purchase the best hair and skin products, you’ll be sure to come back time and time again.

Don’t know what you want or want to try out a new look? No problem! Our barbers go above and beyond, with the unique ability to evaluate your face shape and hair type to determine which haircut and style best fit you!


We exist to help men feel good and look good, to empower them to lead and conquer great things, that will create a huge impact on our society.


We want to set the standard for what man’s grooming should be.

We want to break old taboos, that say men should neglect taking care of themselves, by providing a special environment where they receive the special grooming experience they need & deserve.

Invictus Awards Ceremony

In 2023 we had our FIRST Invictus Awards Ceremony to celebrate and recognize our team achievements. We also introduced a career plan were our staff will climb belts (from white to black) according to their time working in the company and achieve certain goals to receive raises, bonuses and paid vacation! 

This classification was created by Tico inspired by Jiu Jitsu martial arts. The concept behind is that you need a lot of training, practice and years of dedication to become a Black Belt and in the barber industry is no different. 

In order become a skilled barber, effort, dedication and training is required. Invictus is the place where barbers can receive the right guidance to become Black Belts, mastering all types of haircuts and achieving the highest level of professionalism. 

Meet Tico: the Heart of Invictus

Born in a small Brazilian village, Tico is the sixth of seven brothers. His life there was difficult. He lived in a one bedroom house with no indoor plumbing. The  bathroom was a hole in the backyard. It was a hand to mouth existence. He was just 17 when he left Brazil for Boston, to live with his older brothers, hoping for a better life. Being an immigrant without an education he had to work minimum wage jobs. 

While struggling to get a foothold in the US his barber, Pito, encouraged him to join him. “He said I had a talent and advised me to rent a chair and take it seriously”. It struck a chord as both of his grandparents were barbers, and his father cut hair on weekends. “So, I followed Pito’s advice.” Tico relates.

Struggling to build a clientele, making enough money adapting to the new language and culture, Tico decided to move to Florida in 2008. “I arrived in Florida with a backpack, $100 in my pocket at a time when the country was facing a terrible financial crisis. I saw people broke, losing their business, their homes, their faith…” he remembers.

Working seven days a week in a unisex salon, making less than minimum wage he remained persistent and determined to succeed. In a short time he had a large, loyal clientele, lining up for the perfect haircut. Then, Tico saw an opportunity. “My clients were demanding more than just a good haircut, they wanted a place focused on their needs- a man cave offering facial and spa services, a place to have a beer, play pool, get a tattoo… I had a dream but I was broke”, he said.

Finally, after almost 15 years, on May 1st 2017, Tico opened his dream shop in Coconut Creek, Florida. “Invictus Barber Shop” became a hot destination where UFC fighters, Bodybuilders, Football and Basketball players came to get the perfect haircut.

We love our community!

We are highly involved in our community, some events we host to support our community are:

• Back to School – Where we provide free haircuts to kids going back to school, and we raise funds for school supplies from local businesses.

• Veterans and Military Appreciation – Where we provide free haircuts to active and retired military, first responders and veterans.

• Invictus Barber Academy Scholarships –  barber students receive Scholarships to participate in our Apprentice Workshop and also all the tools to become professional barbers.

• Demo Classes in Barber and Cosmetology Schools – Tico visits schools to share his technical knowledge, experience and also to motivate students joining the industry.

At this moment, we are working on gathering a team to provide free grooming services to our homeless neighbors.

Invictus Barber Academy

With almost two decades of experience within the industry, Tico has mastered a range of techniques from leading global academies. He has gained experience and knowledge from UK academies such as Menspire Academy and Ego Barbers as well as US academies including the Vidal Sassoon Academy and Paul Mitchell. Through continuous development and dedication to his craft, Tico has perfected many techniques and developed his knowledge to become an industry-leading barber.

With the business booming, Tico required more skilled barbers to join his team of experts. However, it soon became apparent that a skilled barber was harder to find than he first expected. He began training his own staff in his spare time and quickly developed a passion for educating young and upcoming barbers. This resulted in the creation of the Invictus Barber Academy.

He developed a strong reputation within the industry and soon became a leading professional within South Florida. “I visit barber schools to share not only my hair expertise,  but also encourage new barbers to participate and contribute to our society. My hope is that barbers can understand they can do so much more than just cutting hair.”

Since the foundation of Invictus Barber Academy in 2019, classes have been sold out upon their release, with huge demand for Tico’s knowledge and guidance.

“I have had the opportunity to teach in Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Tennessee. I truly believe if I am able to make six figures cutting hair, other barbers can do the same. My goal is to help them achieve that”.


Visit www.invictusbarberacademy.com for more information about classes and workshops

Invictus Podcast Studios

In 2022 Tico had another ambitious project: start the 1st podcast about entrepreneurship for barbers! He could not find the perfect studio to bring his project to life, so he decided to BUILD his own. 

The podcast studio became Tico’s third business and can help you create content with professional quality. It was inspired by Airbnb’s concept.

Invictus Podcast Studios is the FIRST and only 24/7 self service podcast recording studio. 


You won’t need to pay a technician to help you setup and record your Interviews, Podcast Episodes, Social Media Content, Live streams or online courses. Invictus Podcast Studios is user friendly, 100% self service and designed to record professional content without technicians or editors. Produce your own show!


If you would like more information visit  www.invictuspodcaststudios.com

We are always innovating. Stay tuned for our next projects!